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We are keen on providing the best experience for our tenants and that includes green initiatives as much as social measures and tenant retention schemes. 


Green Accountability: 

full surveying of properties ensuring standards are met throughout the portfolio, upgrading buildings to all applicable environmental codes




Investing in Energy-Efficiency: 

double-glaze windows and other more efficient insulation, replacement of old central boilers with individual electric units



Green Energy Opportunities: 

roofing upgrades and solar panel installation where feasible

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ethos of providing professional, agile, building management with same-day repair times while keeping rents affordable




Tech Utilisation: 

tenant-controlled electric radiators, CCTV, apps connecting tenants directly to maintenance, and other low outlay improvements driving increased tenant retention

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Strong Tenant Relations: 

during uncertain times our team ensured tenants were well informed of their responsibilities and how they could seek aid, save money, and apply for grants



Tenant Payment and Arrears Plans:

we have created a loyal tenant base via cost-effective arrears plans, avoiding evictions where possible and achieving 95%+ collection rates. We are strong believers in loyal and responsible long term renter relationships

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